Website Development with WordPress

Wordpress Website and Blog HostingA large part of any online marketing campaign is the construction of a website.  Not only does it provide a consumer with a location to learn more about the brand, and potentially purchase goods and services from the site, but also demonstrates a brand’s professionalism and ability to communicate its value to customers.  However, many small businesses face the problem of not having the expertise to write their own code, or the funding to pay someone to develop a site on their behalf.  A great solution to this problem is for the company to rely on a WordPress hosted website, at least while they are in development.

WordPress provides easily manageable layouts and structures so that site owners can worry less about bugs and glitches and more about creating awesome content.  WordPress comes in two varieties, websites hosted by and those hosted by  The differences in these sites comes down to a tradeoff between control and simplicity. hosted sites come loaded with themes and basic features that require essentially no setting up, but prevent you from altering the HTML code in any way. sites on the other hand come with less sophisticated and involved themes, but allow the page owner to add countless features, or plugins, including a store.  For the small business owner it is likely that this is best choice.  For a full list of differences please click here.

For both sites, the original URL you will have control over will include “” or “” following the name of your site (for example  For a small annual fee you can pay to have the site URL can be followed simply by “.org”, “.com”, or “.net”.  On top of this, all WordPress sites allow you to add some features or themes for free, but many more incredible add-ons assuming you are willing to pay for it.  Prices range widely depending on what wish to add, but can be as little as $2-3 and go well over $100.  These add-ons are called “plugins”, they can be as simple installing rotating images onto your site that change every 15 seconds, or as complex as ones that can allow consumers to learn more about a product by mousing over different parts of an image.  Additionally, sites hosted by enable the user to input HTML which enables them to create their own features and customization and is used by many analytics sites such as Google Analytics and Clicky Web Analytics.  Without the input HTML, the sites cannot offer as much insightful data, one of the pitfalls of using a site.

Wordpress vs. Blogger Web Hosting

This site recently moved from Google’s Blogger to WordPress.  There were multiple reasons for this, and the results have been exceptional.  First, Blogger simply looked less professional.  The page format was not sleek, and the page constraints made the page look cheap.  WordPress’ clean and professional themes provided a better format to accomplish the goals of this site.  Some of the features that came with the site are also useful, including the site’s analytics and ability to easily prompt the user for information (as seen in the Kindle Contest).  Additionally, WordPress enabled the site to have its own domain name, providing the site’s content with increased trust, and authority.  Lastly, the format provided by WordPress is simply superior.  Being able to separate posts into categories, include tags, and make separate pages for individual posts, all provides greater flexibility for the page creators.  Hands down the experience is superior on WordPress, even without paid for features.


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